BISF Housing Products

BISF Renovation Services supply a range of BISF Housing products and products for Non-Traditional Housing renovations.


Our range of our specialist lightweight cladding, roofing & coating materials is vast. Whatever your renovation requirements, on BISF homes, Blackburn houses, Riley homes, Park Homes or any other prefab structure. Please contact BISF Renovation Services directtly to discuss the exact requirements and BISF Housing products for your home.

Stone Block Cladding Products

Stone Block Cladding

Stone Block Cladding is made from the same beautiful materials as the Stone Chip Cladding, but has chamfered edges and grooves to make the product resemble attractive stone blocks. It is fitted horizontally rather than vertically and comes in a range of colours similar to the stone chip cladding. Stone Block Cladding can be used on both Upper and Lower Storeys of BISF Houses or complimented with one or other of our various cladding effects.

Brick Cladding Products

Brick Cladding

This most effective Brick effect finish, is again constructed from lightweight fibreglass made to resemble brickwork and comes in various distinctive colours and textures. Brick Effect Cladding will enhance most prefabricated style properties to give a brick effect finish.

Special corner pieces finish the work, giving the effect of a true brick corner.

Stone Chip Cladding Products

Stone Chip Cladding

A most delightful Stone Chip Cladding system in various different Colours, which locks together to form a beautiful surface to the building. On BISF and Riley homes the Stone Chip Cladding effect to the Upper Storey combines most effectively with work to the lower storey with either the Brick Effect, or in a combination of the same colour Stone Chip or other complimentary colours in the Stone Chip Cladding range or textured coating range.

Roofing Systems Products

Roofing Systems

We have a range of replacement roofing products and systems including roofing accessories such as Roofline Eaves, Soffits, Barge and Fascia Boards all of which are employed to improve the home come in a variety of colours and interlocks to provide a watertight roof to the home.

Canopies Products

Canopies, PVC Cladding & Ancillaries

BISF Renovation Services provide a wide range of over-door canopies for use on BISF homes which replaces the old metal porch canopy. These canopies enhance and compliment most of our associated external cladding / insulated systems / products.

More information and Enquiries

For more information on our BISF House Renovation Services, Other Non-Traditional Housing and or enquiries on any of our products listed, please contact
BISF Renovation Services on 01427 884307 or make your enquiry via our Enquiries Page