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BISF Renovation Services are a family run team of specialists for the renovation of BISF and non-traditional houses.


BISF Renovation Services is a family based Company, established in 1969 as a Service and Supply Company, which since the early 1980’s has specialised in the refurbishment of privately owned homes in the Non-Traditional Housing Market. At BISF Renovation we aim to offer a fuller and more comprehensive approach to renovating your home, offering a vast range of services from assessment surveys; on site inspection visits; through to a professional approach in satisfying the needs of the customer and equally following strict safety guidelines.

At BISF Renovation Services we can offer external improvements from minor repairs to completely refurbishing the whole outside of the house, as seen in the pictures below of a property prior to renovation and following a full refurbishment with a variety of our lightweight products.

Before renovation services begin

BISF Renovation Services

After renovation has been completed

BISF Renovation Services

Specialist workmen with expertise in renovating structure framed homes

In Scotland we deal particularly with Blackburn houses and B.I.S.F. houses. Much of the works we carry out involves the replacement of old Cement Asbestos and corrugated type metal sheet roofs which are found on these homes, being replaced with lightweight tile effect replacement roofing, whilst a further considerable portion of our work involves the re-cladding of homes with a variety of modern lightweight materials most suitable for frame-construction homes.

Such lightweight structure homes should only be improved using lightweight materials; consequently it is inadvisable to use normal tile or slate roofing on these homes, as equally it is inadvisable to use standard renders for the outside cladding of the walls, which are susceptible to cracking problems.

BISF Renovation Services is not a “Jack of All Trades” company, but a company who specialise, which ensures that the customer receives a first rate service from the initial contact through to the works being completed. Most of our refurbishment is performed on Steel Framed houses such as B.I.S.F. and Riley structure homes, but we also refurbish Park Homes, Howard, Tarran, Newland, Cornish, Crane homes and Hawksley style frame construction homes, in fact any of the 40 types of prefabricated styles of home in the United Kingdom.

At BISF Renovation Services we offer a Tailor-made service of Improvements for your home, using quality materials, many of which carry significant Manufacturer’s Quality Warranties.

This personalised service ensures that the customer understands how the products will enhance and improve their homes, not only in its looks, but in repairing and refurbishment, with the least amount of upheaval to our customers, being performed efficiently, so that the customer is not inconvenienced unduly by the works in progress.

In general we would normally expect to visit the customer to make a site inspection for the proposed works, which ensures that any variations to the norm are foreseen and that infrastructure considerations are fully addressed.

We take pride in our consideration of safety issues very seriously ensuring that all Infrastructure is safe and meets approved standards and further that all waste is disposed according to Regulations.

More information and Enquiries

For more information on our BISF House Renovation Services, Other Non-Traditional Housing and or enquiries on any of our products listed, please contact
BISF Renovation Services on 01427 884307 or make your enquiry via our Enquiries Page