Roofing Systems

Replacement Roofing Systems and Roofing Accessories available from BISF Renovation Services
Roofing Systems

Replacement Roofing Systems

With most prefabricated homes, a replacement roof must be constructed of lightweight materials. The use of standard roofing tiles or slates can severely compromise the structure and place considerable force on the walls of the home.

The lightweight tile and slate effect systems which are employed to improve the home come in a variety of colours and interlock to provide a watertight roof to the home. Combined with a sub-frame structure of treated timbers and breathable membranes, the roofing provides the ultimate finish to the home.

Homes with Cement Asbestos Sheeting/Corrugated Roofing/pent slopes or worn mineral felted roofs will all benefit from a tile effect to the surface. A minimum 10º slope is required (or for Park Homes will be constructed) to provide sufficient “run-off” for the top-water.

Roofline Eaves / Soffits / Barge and Facia boards

Full back or face vented systems available either solely or in combination with any of the above systems. Where a back vented system is suitable, this ensures the aesthetic appearance is preserved.

Most home owners request white roofline products, but brown or wood grain effect finishes can also be applied.

Combined with the soffits and facia boards there is a complimentary range of rainwater goods in a variety of colours, which are either round or square.


A range of products for BISF Houses & Non-Traditional Housing renovations

Our extensive range of lightweight cladding and roofing materials include

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