BISF Renovation Services are specialists in renovation of non-traditional houses. It is important that your home is professionally renovated by experts. We are often called upon to repair poor renovation work by lesser experienced companies and ‘bodger’ builders. Carrying out renovation work twice costs more and creates more upheaval for you, the Customer.

We have gathered together some ‘horrors’, recent renovation works carried out by other companies to demonstrate pitfalls and other examples where essential repair work was required.


The new rendering applied by a builder has cracked away from the building and was falling off in large chunks. BISF Renovation Services use specialist materials and prepare surfaces in line with the requirements of the type of building. Consideration is given to structural movement and moisture, preventing these types of problem.


A rotting corner of a BISF house has been incorrectly filled and is tearing away from the substrate. The original problem of damp penetration from the corroded down pipe needed to be addressed to prevent further rotting of the building structure. The exterior cladding was rusting and not protecting the structure from the wind and rain.


Paint is peeling from the surface of the cladding or this building. BISF Renovation Services uses special materials, resilient to the effects of the weather. The old render has ‘bloomed’ and broken away from the wall. The structure suffers from a lack of protection and water can attack the frame.


Root damage has been suffered from a tree causing movement, this has resulted in a break up of the render and potential foundation damage. Render damage to the area beside the door and above the side gate, caused by damp ingress due to bad coping stones above bridging the upper cladding causing rot on the corner of the upper cladding. The soffit/ eaves paintwork is peeling and the damp has penetrated these plates causing rot.


Render opening up. This property had been recently ‘repaired’ by another building company, but it did not last long. A property undergoing ‘repair’ involving a wet render on a paper backing by another building company. The outcome would be a  breakdown of the render in the short to medium term and a likelihood of continued ‘rotting’ of the building structure due to damp.

An example of how not to repair a BISF home.

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